VDARE Book Club In September: Back Of The Hiring Line
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Having just concluded several months’ study of Sir Winston Churchill’s Marlborough: His Life and Times, we’re now moving back to immigration. And as with Marlborough, we’re going to see how our seemingly distant history has led us into our current situation. 

The next book on the VDARE Book Club for September will be Back of the Hiring Line: A 200-Year History of Immigration Surges, Employer Bias, and Depression of Black Wealth, by Roy Beck.

Cheap labor kills civilizations and peoples. We hear all the time about the racial ”wealth gap” and the systemic oppression supposedly responsible for the plight of African-Americans, but what is not discussed is the role of mass immigration in reducing black wages—purposefully, deliberately, and sometimes maliciously. Somehow, the racial reckoning never gets around to this. 

If you haven’t yet joined the VDARE Book Club, you can join here. 

The full discussion for Volumes Three and Four of Marlborough will be posted for book club members soon, as well as the initial part for all readers. 

I hope to talk to you all soon. 

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