"Vanishing American" Back: Bashes Beck
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In a summer which has seen heavy casualties amongst valuable blogs (notably The Kvetcher, sob!) a rare positive has been the return of Vanishing American, which did great work before falling silent a year ago.

Saturday’s The respectables rally helpfully analyses the blog coverage of the Glenn Beck rally, starting with an accurate cut at Free Republic

Free Republic, predictably, was a cheering section for Beck, 'colorblind conservatism' (did you know MLK was really a Republican, and his 'dream' speech was Republican? I learn something new every day at FR) and all thing PC.

Vanishing American particularly liked

Old Atlantic's piece (which) quotes many comments posted on MSM sites. The comments are as vitriolic and ugly as we've grown to expect from leftists. It is still somewhat wryly funny that the name-calling from the usual suspects is not the least bit mitigated by Beck and company pandering themselves silly, and bowing at the diversity altar. When will people learn it does not pay?

Welcome back, Vanishing American.

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