UVA Rape Story: Use Google News to Track Press Coverage of Jackie's Fake Boyfriend "Haven Monahan"
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It’s pretty easy to use Google News to track how enthusiastically news outlets are covering the complete collapse of the U. of Virginia Gang Rape Story. Are they leaving it as a muddled … well, I heard it was a different fraternity house and it wasn’t seven rapists it was five and it was just oral sex and the Rolling Stone reporter should have cleared up these details? Or are they making it clear that the story was a complete hoax from the git-go featuring a made-up beau whom Jackie invented under the name “Haven Monahan?”

I had been trying the word “catfish,” but now we have a clearer search term. Simply go to Google News and type, between quotations marks:

“Haven Monahan”

Here’s what I get 21 hours after CNN revealed the name of the non-existent dream date / gang rape conspirators:

Full coverage

Friends’ accounts differ significantly from victim in UVA rape story

CNN?10 hours ago?
Was Haven Monahan a real person? Since summer orientation in 2012, Stock, Duffin and another freshman, Kathryn Hendley, had become friends with Jackie. Duffin said Jackie was much more interested in him than he in her. He said he was happy when …

There’s More Bizarre Evidence That UVA Student Jackie’s Alleged Rapist Doesn

Business Insider?57 minutes ago?
According to the friends, Jackie had told them she was going on a date that night with a UVA student named Haven Monahan, whom she had supposedly met in her chemistry class, CNN reports. Rolling Stone originally reported that Jackie’s date was with …

University Of Virginia Student’s Catfishing Scheme Revealed

Daily Caller?Dec 16, 2014?
The fabrication of the man, who Jackie told her friends was named Haven Monahan, adds another layer of intrigue to a bizarre saga which has unfolded after the publication of a Rolling Stone article written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, who is now in hiding …

Wow, that’s a real feeding frenzy in the news media …


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