UT Student Newspaper Activist-“Reporters” Conspire on Facebook with Hate Crime Hoax Activists to Racially Stalk White Students and Sabotage Sorority and Fraternity Parties; One Hoax Activist Claims to Have UT Administrator as Co-Conspirator
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The Crime Of Wearing A Poncho

Racist activist Lucian Villasenor, of the International Socialists Organization, posted this picture at the hoaxers Facebook page, on September 20, at 11:25 p.m., writing “Yet another south of the border party. Group hosting this racially themed party has not been identified. #racistATX”

The picture was purportedly taken by one of Villasenor’s “colleagues,” who was racially stalking white partygoers. At 11:30 p.m., Horn activist-“reporter” Cody Permenter and Daily Texan activist-“reporter” David Maly responded, seconds apart.
Frat party

At 3:08 a.m. the same night, Cody Permenter posted this picture, which would eventually be seen around the world, on the hoaxers’ Facebook page, and wrote, “Here is a photo I took tonight at the ‘Fiesta’ party featuring two students wearing ‘Illegal’ and ‘Border Patrol’ shirts. (faces blurred for anonymity)”

The activists reacted with curses and joyous disgust.

On September 25, a Greek group announced that it was holding a “Border to Cross” party on the 29th. The activists immediately started planning how they could sabotage it.

Their activist-“reporter” ally David Maly at The Daily Texan immediately whipped up a reportorial against the party, extensively quoting a reconquista student ally, bilingual education junior Luis Juarez, and other activist friends (Zach Guerinot and Rocio Villalobos, program coordinator for UT’s Multicultural Engagement Center), a link to which activist Samantha Robles posted. To Daily Texan readers unaware of the Facebook conspiracy, Maly’s reportorial appeared to merely be a criticism of the September 20 fiesta party, when it was actually intended as a shot across the bow, to threaten the Greek group organizing a “Border to Cross” party on the 29th.


Zac Moore I want to go undercover September 25 at 1:52pm · Like

Samantha Robles http://dailytexanonline.com/news/2012/09/25/mexican-themed-sorority-party-raises-concerns

September 25 at 1:52pm · Like

Zac Moore and then do something super radical once enough evidence is gathered [N.S.: “Evidence” of what?]

September 25 at 1:52pm · Like

Zach Guerinot (remember: planning meeting at 5 in the MEC to discuss what demands we're going to make and how we're going to demand those demands)

September 25 at 2:05pm · Like · 1

Villasenor bragged that administrators are conspiring with him to violate the white students’ rights.
Lucian Villasenor We are on top of it, if people want to organize then I suggest you come to the planning meeting today at 5PM. Lets not warn them, I would rather they put on there little party so we can catch them in the act again. More nails in the coffin for them. Glad I saved the event description before they deleted it. I have had a few admins call me in regards to these parties, and they want us to give them suggestions on what to do, that is some of what we will be discussing at today's planning meeting. I think it goes to show that our efforts are making some headway.

September 25 at 2:44pm · Edited · Like · 1

Maly’s threatening reportorial worked! The organizers immediately canceled the party, with activist Nia Wesley triumphantly posting a link to yet another Daily Texan reportorial by David Maly, “Fraternity acts on claims of racism.”

Maly opened,

“The UT chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity canceled its ‘a border to cross’ event Tuesday night following a negative student response to the Facebook invitation created for it.”
Nowhere did Maly admit that he had personally orchestrated the cancellation, conspiring with the Facebook hate crime hoaxer group.
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