USA TODAY Writer David Mastio: Asians Made the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
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David Mastio, a writer for USA Today, sticks out in my mind for merciless bashing of white advocates.  Calling the thousand-feet-taller Sam Francis "vile", for instance, might have given him room to ply his trade as an "acceptable conservative" in the MSM.

He must hope that distancing will protect him for blaming Asians for the vast quantities of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean:

On Earth Day, you shouldn't feel guilty about your plastic trash

By David Mastio, USA TODAY, April 20, 2018

This year's Earth Day is focused on ending plastic pollution, but the problem isn't you or me. Asian countries and messy fishermen are destroying the world’s oceans.

He's probably right.  He says

Plastic-loving David Mastio isn’t the guy who says Asian countries are destroying the world’s oceans. The environmental activists at Ocean Crusaders point the finger at China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka as the countries that dump the vast majority of plastic showing up in our oceans.

Those guys surely wouldn't be racist.

And, Mastio says, Americans shouldn't feel guilty about their plastic refuse—at least as an ocean pollutant.

Which they probably shouldn't.

But it's yet another example of whites feeling guilty about something that isn't actually their fault, just because whites really enjoy feeling guilty.


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