Us Steves Gotta Stick Together
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Reading Stephen Colbert's amusing Bill O'Reilly spoof I Am America (And So Can You!) was interesting because every few pages I'd think, "Wow, I could have said that!" Then every ten or 20 pages, "Hey, I did say that, although not as funny..." Finally, I got to the entire page devoted to cousin marriage—which is a lot more common topic on this blog than in the rest of the media —and realized that no doubt Colbert, or one of his writers, reads my website looking for inspiration.

There's no plagiarism whatsoever, just a fair amount of thematic overlap. So, a few percent of the bestselling I Am America is making fun of me!

I don't think I'm hallucinating egomaniacally because Colbert's book is quite similar in style to many of Dave Barry's books, but I've never had the faintest impression that Barry draws on what I've written.

I can't afford cable, so I've only seen Colbert (and O'Reilly, for that matter) a handful of times in motel rooms. If you watch him a lot, does his show regularly draw on my themes, or is it just his book?

By the way, Mr. Colbert, if you are reading this, did I mention that my panhandling drive is going on? I presume that you could use a tax deduction before 1/1/08.

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