US Latino Officials: Declare "Border Vigilantism" A Federal Hate Crime
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This from the "Voice of Aztlan." It seems there is a group of American politicians traveling in Mexico asking that the Minute Man Project [MMP] and any effort by Americans to attempt do the job the American president will not do to be... "Hate Crimes". Can't you just see Morris Dees kicking himself for not thinking of this first? Prediction from Georgiafornia: next step- declare the entire U.S. Border Patrol to be a hate organization. Still time here Dees, why not put Heidi Beirich on this - but you better hurry, before the Texas AFL-CIO beats you to it. They are on the same page as the anti-American Americans smoozing in the old country. Also, I love this from that same group of American elected officials:

"Bush should openly declare that he is against the Minuteman Project, and more aggressively criminalize their activities...",

Umm...Por favor - someone tell these people that the President has already made his position on MMP crystal clear.

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