US-Born Hispanics Twice As Anti-Semitic As Whites
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I see the important anti-Muslim immigration item posted by The Kvetcher attracted quite a few interesting comments after I blogged on it early on Tuesday.

Of lasting value was work by "scottnyx", which was stimulated by a remark by an earlier posting seeming to distinguish between the utility of Muslim and Hispanic Immigration.

Scottynx took the 2002 ADL Survey of Anti-Semitism in America, incisively analyzed the data, and concluded that the "Strongly anti-Semitic" rate amongst non-Jewish whites was 11%. This compared with

  • 20% of Hispanic Americans born in U.S.
  • 35% of African-Americans
  • 44% of foreign-born Hispanics.
  • 17% of Americans (as a whole)

As Scottynx remarks

It's kind of weird how the ADL piece I linked to broke out hispanics and blacks but not non-hispanic white levels of strong anti-semitism… the non-hispanic white population has an incredibly low strong anti-semitism rate compared to hispanics and blacks, about half the rate of even native born hispanics. ( emphasis.)

Those familiar with the ADL, of course, will not be surprised. Being complementary about Christian Americans is not what the ADL is about. Naturally they suppressed this fact.

Against the deplorable possibility that The Kvetcher might decide to shut down his blog, here are scottynx's calculations:

Also don’t dismiss the effect of massive hispanic immigration just because the 20% strongly anti-semitic rate for hispanics born in the US isn’t isn’t much higher than the national rate.

That is because the 17% national rate includes hispanics as well, thus driving up that number considerably.

Comparing native born hispanics to the non-hispanic population is the correct comparison.

This equation gives the non-hispanic strong anti-semitism rate if you use the 13.3% hispanic proportion of the population from 2002?

.35*.133 +.867*X = .17, where x is the non-hispanic anti-semitism rate.

Solve for X and you get a 14% non-hispanic anti-semitism rate. This is *including* blacks. So even if you take the long view and just look at how things will be in the hispanic native born, they have a whopping 30% higher anti-semitism rate than the non-hispanic population.

Still think that Hispanic immigration is great for the Jews?

Another favorable comment about the Hispanic influx being "benign" produced a more direct response from "Agri"

Hispanic immigrants are benign unless you're someone that, say, has little choice but to put your kid in a school in which 50% of the student body is Hispanic immigrant or the children thereof. From far off, they can appear quite benign. But from a closer vantage, things get more complicated.

Another contributor was "Jenny":

I am a native person, of Wampanoag ancestry. I mention this because I noticed the person who inferred that all those except native peoples should leave... that sort of comment always amuses me, as they are never of indigenous ancestry, and are always liars, and excusers of genocide and exploitation.

There is no one perspective shared by the peoples who are native to this nation, but I guarantee you that for the most part, we do not share suitepotato's opinion, and we recognize it for what it is.. one of disrespect and a desire to use our people's history for a corrupt agenda.

Jenny posted two very long and articulate pieces, remarking along the way:

I am a lifelong liberal democrat, and care passionately about social justice and civil rights. I have been activist across the board on many issues, and have always been pro-Israel and passionately against anti-Semitism.

The heart of Jenny's concern was:

the Jewish people in the US haven't actually cared too much about the problems that mass immigration have brought about to the country at large. Sure, you are scared after watching a video where a Muslim woman espouses violent and unforgivable epithets, but you haven't similarly cared when illegal aliens have displaced American citizens, who are black, brown and white from the workplace. Creating untold suffering and dire poverty.

Frankly, my father, and my maternal grandfather both fought in WWII. If the wider American people were as selfish and self centered as your lot, they wouldn't have stepped forward, disrupted their lives, put them at risk to save the lives of Jews and many others in Europe.

On the whole, the responses this drew were polite and serious, trying hard to persuade Jenny otherwise.

An exception was a venomous post from "Temoc" which began

First off, you are probably lying about being a native.

then proceeded for 805 words claiming Jenny

rationalizes HATRED towards us persons of Mexican ethnicity.

and arguing that Hispanic immigration is wonderful, with any dissent being purely racist -illustrated by no less than 21 hyperlinks!

Here at, we receive many letters from Hispanics, illegal, legal, and US born. A surprising number are against America being swamped by further mass immigration from any source, for the excellent reason that they and their families are in the front line in bearing the social cost. Quite a few, of course are hostile. These are invariably open Reconquistas and brown chauvinists, usually degenerate into foul language, and never that I can recollect cite as many as three sources, let alone 21. Temoc's piece must have taken hours, and he is right on top of the literature.

It is possible I suppose that he is employed by one of the Hispanic shake-down foundations, although they rarely deign to debate. And how came he to be reading this site? My guess is that we are looking at the work of one of the professional repression outfits, like the ADL or the $PLC (known for the false flag tactic) and that Temoc is no more Hispanic than The Kvetcher.

Who deserves thanks for sponsoring this discussion.

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