US Army Refuses To To Memory-Hole General Lee And Stonewall Jackson Streets, Citing "Spirit Of Reconciliation"
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Good news here too from our military.

Here in New York City, in the borough of Brooklyn, there's a big U.S. Army base, Fort Hamilton. The base has streets, typically named after great military men of the past.

That includes streets named for Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. [Scream.] With the purging of Confederate figures and symbols currently under way, those street names are of course big fat targets for the purgers.

Congresscritter Yvette Clarke, for example, who represents a Brooklyn district in Congress. Ms. Clarke (whose biography tells us she is "proud of her Jamaican heritage," although it doesn't tell us why) has been pestering the Army to change the names of those streets, on account of blackety-blackety-blackety-black.

The Army, to its credit, is standing firm. They wrote back to Ms Clarke that, quote:

After over a century, any effort to rename memorializations on Fort Hamilton would be controversial and divisive. This is contrary to the Nation's original intent in naming those streets, which was the spirit of reconciliation.
End quote. Crisp, clear, and firm, as a military statement should be. Mr. President, on your authority as Commander-in-Chief, find out who wrote or dictated those words, and promote him.
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