Update On Hispanic Killings In Mayberry
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I should point out that in the Mount Airy, NC shootings, it seems that all the victims were Hispanic, and at least one of the survivors can't speak English:
Watson identified the victims – all residents of the town – as Victor Alfonso Martinez-Jimenez, 22; Javier Manuel Martinez, 21; Juan Manuel Martinez, 26; and Marcos Oviedo Aguliar, 21.

Michelle Oviedo, 21, said her boyfriend and brother were among the dead and the alleged shooter is her mother's boyfriend. She said she was sitting on her porch not far from Wood's TV when she heard the gunshots.

"When I got there, Javier and my brother were already gone," she said. "They were on top of each other."

Jose Armando Hernandez, 46, said through a translator that three of the victims were his nephews. He said his family is "destroyed" over the deaths, which he said stemmed from a problem with a woman.[Ex-con charged in 4 fatal shootings in 'Mayberry' By ALYSIA PATTERSON (AP) — 7 hours ago]

See also the North Carolina Department of Corrections page for MARCOS CHAVEZ GONZALEZ, which lists his age as 29, his race as "Other," and doesn't mention his citizenship or immigration status at all.
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