Update On Cockfighting
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Here's an update on my earlier post about cockfighting as a civil right—a North Carolina reader writes:

I inadvertently found myself at a Mexican cockfight in rural NC about 18 years ago. This event was held at a party one Sunday afternoon after a large group of Mexican families had just delivered a regiment of their children for their Catholic First Communion. Needless to say, the Priest was given a perfunctory goat meat taco and quickly sent on his way before the main attraction of the afternoon got underway.

Lots of betted money, lots of Budweiser and tequila, lots of jacked up men, lots of cursing, and lots of blood would be the only way to describe it. One cock belonged to a young man of clearly limited means, the other belonged to a guy who drove up in a brand new hoopty pick up truck. His cock was in a cage that was crafted by artisans. He opened a professional grade aluminum shell camera case that was modified on the inside to hold and display over 20 different spiky and sharp edged surgical steel slashing and cutting implements which were lashed on to the appendages of his rooster. His cock "won" after two rounds.

Between rounds the respective owners put lemon juice on the wounds and gave mouth to beak resuscitation to the birds.

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