Unknown Man Shoots Unknown Victims In Kentucky
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A man in Kentucky shot six co-workers and then shot himself. [Man in Kentucky Kills 5 Co-Workers, By GRAHAM BOWLEY New York Times, June 25, 2008] There's no reason to suspect that this is an immigrant type mass murder crime, or an interracial hate crime—but there's also no reason to suspect that the media will tell us.

Write me if you find out anything specific about this crime.

UPDATE: The shooter appears to have been white—see picture. The victims' names include three Hispanics. They were factory workers from nearby Sebree, KY,  a town that the 2000 census figures say is 11 percent Hispanic.

Does this mean that it was a nativist attack? Not that I know of. Apparently the real target was his supervisor, a man named Kevin G. Taylor, who seems to be a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

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