Unexpected Consequences Of Obamacare—It May Prevent Republican Amnesty Betrayal
March 15, 2010, 05:39 PM
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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-Amnesty) is afraid that if Obama jams Obamacare through the Senate undemocratically, it will interfere with his plan to betray the Republican Party base (and the country).
�If they jam through health care,� said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, then Democrats will have �poisoned the well� on other issues. He was interviewed Sunday on ABC’s �This Week.�

An immigration proposal he has been working on with Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York, would likely fall victim to the worsened environment, he said. [As Health Vote Awaits, Future of a Presidency Waits, Too, By Peter Baker, New York Times, March 14, 2010]

If the Kennedy-McCain bill failed, I don't see how the Schumer-Graham bill will do any better.