Underwhelming Republican Pledge To America: Do Nothing About Legal Immigration, Promise To Do What Bush Didn't Do For Eight Years
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You can hardly blame the Republicans for trying to duplicate Newt Gingrich's 1994 success with the Contract with America, but their new 21 page pledge has been described as "underwhelming."

Here are the three items that mention immigration:

” Establish Operational Control of the Border: We must take action to secure our borders, and that action starts with enforcing our laws. We will ensure that the Border Patrol has the tools and authorities to establish operational control at the border and prohibit the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture from interfering with Border Patrol enforcement activities on federal lands.
” Work with State and Local Officials to Enforce Our Immigration Laws: The problem of illegal immigration and Mexican drug cartels engaged in an increasingly violent conflict means we need all hands on deck to address this challenge. We will reaffirm the authority of state and local law enforcement to assist in the enforcement of all federal immigration laws.
” Strengthen Visa Security: To stop terrorists like Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Christmas Day bomber, we will require the Department of Homeland Security to review all visa applications at high-risk consular posts and prevent aliens from attempting to avoid deportation after having their visas revoked.[Links added]

Some of that rhetoric sounds better than what you'll hear from Obama, whose rhetoric goes the other way, and who seems to be doing a stealth amnesty, but...wasn't there a Republican President for the last two Presidential terms? And a Republican Congress until 2006?

We know how much enforcement didn't happen then.

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