Unamusement Park On Radio
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The proprietor of the excellent blog Unamusement Park, traveling under the name "Richard Smith," has posted an interview he did recently with Robert Stark at the Voice of Reason radio network.  It's an hour long, but well worth your time, in spite of the interviewer apparently having conducted his side of the thing from a space capsule somewhere in the outer Solar System.

"Richard Smith" comes across as thoughtful, well-spoken, and highly intelligent.  He is especially good on the abuse of language and reason by liberals, with a sound understanding of modern liberalism's roots in the post-WWI revision of Marxism.  

He disagrees with me about "racist" though.  While I think the word, though of course horribly abused by the Left, probably does have some legitimate application, Richard calls it "a Marxist attack word" devoid of any meaning.

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