Unamusement Park Breaks MSM Truth Blockade On Baltimore Harbor Violence
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Update: Owing to a a webhosting glitch, this turns out to be Unamusement Park's story from last year. (However, the method Unamusement Park used and my MSM comments remain perfectly valid.) The Fourth of July, or "White People's Independence Day" as Chris Rock calls it, continues to happen in black America.

For this year's coverage of life in the "Unamusement Park" see

Congratulations to Unamusement Park for overcoming the MSM dishonesty about the violence in the Baltimore Inner Harbor tourist area this holiday: Blacks ruin Fourth of July in Baltimore; media censor race July 5 2011

This leads with a Baltimore Sun story Man stabbed to death, child shot in Inner Harbor after fireworks By Tricia Bishop July 05, 2011

Violence erupted in separate locations of the Inner Harbor Monday night despite a heavy police presence for the holiday, with a child shot in the leg and a man fatally stabbed shortly after the fireworks ended.

They marked the second and third violent events downtown Monday — a significant disappointment for the city Police Department, which had coordinated an elaborate July Fourth safety plan that involved several hundred state and city officers patrolling Baltimore's streets, monitoring surveillance cameras and tracking one another via GPS signals.

Earlier in the day, a man in his 20s was shot twice inside a parking garage around 2 a.m. after a long-running feud was reignited. He survived the attack.

Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III held a news conference Monday evening to quell fears that the downtown area was dangerous…

Unamusement Park continues


The story does not mention race, so for example, the stabbing victim was an “adult male,” who got into a confrontation with a “group of individuals”; two more “individuals” fell into the water and were rescued by the BPD Marine Unit; “several juveniles” were arrested for carrying knives; and police enforced the curfew by clearing “young people” off the streets after 11 pm.

Tonight (July 5), WRBL News reports that “a photo of the suspect in the killing was taken by cellphone” and “city officials were hoping to quickly capture the suspect,” yet the photo is neither shown nor described...

The Baltimore Sun’s follow-up includes a video in which Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (who is black) condemns “these people who engage in these terrible and senseless acts of violence” as cowards whose behavior will not be tolerated. Neither the story nor the video mentions race. …WBAL has more photos (below)


WBAL identifies this man as the suspected killer

This Blackout (so to speak) is pointless with parties as internet-proficient as Unamusement Park about:

Let us apply our usual racist trick: search Twitter for “harbor, black” and other interesting combinations of words (e.g. “somebody got stabbed at the harbor”) to see what the mainstream media could not be bothered to report.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of relevant tweets I found from the night in question, not including re-tweets. I’ll keep it simple: name, race, time, and tweet. Notice how early people (well, black people) detected trouble (from black people)...

There follows 28 Tweets starting with

•    _ViolaLoves, black, 8:57 pm: “At the harbor too many black ppl lls”
•    dbeats11, black, 9:24 pm: “Never again will I bring my black *** down the harbor on 4th of july”
•    TeamWonnyBitch, black, 10:02 pm: “Dannng! Black ppl never cant do/get nothing right… On my way up the Harbor turning all the way around because they shut it down. *Shrugs”
•    Marleyy_, black, 10:03 pm: “S*** got wild down da harbor black people is wild cant have alotta dem inda same place

*** Redacted per Peter Brimelow

Unamusement Park concludes

There are hundreds more like this from the same night, all saying basically the same thing:
1.    the Inner Harbor was full of black people last night
2.    the black people started fighting, one of them stabbed someone to death, and one of them shot a child
3.    point 2 is disappointing, but not surprising, given point 1…

When the media won’t tell you the facts about black crime, go straight to the source: black people who are fed up with it themselves.

This is all very well, but there is a tougher issue. The MSM must know that they are defeated by technology and that Black violence can no longer be hidden. They must know their dishonesty infuriates their readers.

What stops them telling the truth?

Is it merely Hitler's Revenge?

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