UKIP leader Nigel Farage Talks To Ginni Thomas On The EU: "Get Rid Of The Whole Experiment"
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The leader of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, is a rare politician calling for a moratorium of immigration, because of the harm to society as he remarked: “Four million net migrants in the last 13 years to Britain represents an astonishing social change, and one that people simply don’t want.”

When the Swiss voted in a national referendum to limit immigration, Farage observed that the outcome was “wonderful news for national sovereignty and freedom lovers throughout Europe.”

A Daily Mail headline from Sunday shows the rapid demographic change in Britain: The changing face of Britain: A child in Birmingham is now more likely to be a Muslim than Christian. How’s that for welcoming the enemy of western civilization?

The Daily Caller has published an interview with Farage, hosted by Ginni Thomas, who does semi-regular chats with interesting people.

Farage is refreshing to hear because he is happy to speak his mind, with no niggling politician apologies for anything deemed controversial, like culture. He calls “four decades of state-sponsored multiculturalism” in Britain a failure.

Click here to see the auto-start video of the 24-minute interview.

Farage rues the lawlessness that immigration has brought, like polygamy and FGM which are not prosecuted in Britain. He believes preserving a nation’s cultural identity is more important than the economy.

When asked by Thomas for tips for Tea Party conservatives, Farage thought they might have to leave the Republican party to be more influential. The GOP has not been the voice of working people the way Reagan was. Most voters are not business owners or investors and those citizens are looking for a party that will represent their concerns.

Farage opposes gay marriage, but argues that the UK has effective civil partnerships. He fears the EU court may require churches to conduct gay marriage ceremonies.

Nigel Farage: An Emerging Leader Unafraid To Take His Country Back, Daily Caller, September 14, 2014

Although Democrats often play to their base, modern Republicans seem ashamed of the 40% of registered voters who support the tea party. Likewise, similar constituencies felt ignored in the United Kingdom — until Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) entered the political realm.

Farage has been a Member of the European Parliament since 1999 and his party is now showing surprising growth as middle-class Britons rebel against the EU, open borders and an oppressive government.To put it simply, Farage wants to take his country back!

In an exclusive 24 minute video interview filmed on September 4 in Washington, D.C., Farage exudes self assurance, spunk and principle as a leader unafraid of the European Union “the emperor has no clothes.” From reading the tea leaves in Europe, Farage believes fewer people are enamored with the growing, centralized, bureaucratized state based out of Brussels.

Asked about his view of America’s stature in the world with President Obama, Farage said, “I’m a guest here and, don’t want to be rude, but it looks a little rudderless.” Referring to Obama as a “lame duck,” Farage said it “seems to me the chap is on the golf course every day. In terms of respect or fear of America, it is diminishing with this President.”

Regarding the current crisis with Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria, Farage says we were “badly led” on it since “we helped create some of this by arming the Syrian rebels.”

Farage also has harsh words for his colleagues in the European Parliament. With a few named exceptions, he calls them “incredibly bland, incredibly dull, gray in every sense, devoid of humor. Irony escapes them completely; desperately earnest, so, so sincere and none of them have ever had a job. None of them have ever lived in the real world. None of them meet ordinary people and very few of them have a clue.”

More importantly he continued, “They don’t pass the two-part ‘Farage test.’ Would I offer them a job or want to have a drink with them?”

Asked for lessons learned by Britain for joining the EU, Farage said, “Never join a club whose laws become primary over yours and whose courts can overrule yours. Never listen to politicians who reassure you, ‘don’t worry, this is only a little club about trade.”

Angry with the politicians who did this, he continued, “we gave up our birth right.” It’s time he says to “get rid of the whole experiment.” The increasing numbers of British citizens who agree with him on this is a key reason for the growing popularity of UKIP.

Britain has had “four decades of state sponsored multiculturalism that has divided Britain with taxpayer money,” he says. To Farage, the U.K. has turned a blind eye to Sharia law, ignored polygamous marriage and genital mutilation. Since state controlled schools and prisons is where a lot of the radicalization occurs, he thinks Britain should focus on reforms there to address the British citizens joining ISIS.

UKIP is also growing because of Britain’s loose immigration policies. These policies have driven down wages for ordinary people, raised unemployment, while spawning cultural disintegration. Farage says immigration in Britain is up ten times the level it was twenty years ago. He senses that “culture, identity and whether our country remains a Christian country” are issues becoming even more important in the U.K .than the economy. Dismissing the labels his political opponents assign him, Farage thinks these same issues are rising concerns in America, too.

His tips to like-minded Republicans in America interested in principled, patriotic leadership? Remember your potential voters are not wealthy. Remember the little, semi skilled, working people who are patriotic. No one is speaking for them. He says neither the liberal left nor the current Republican party relates to these ordinary citizens. Remember the people who work hard, get up early and raise their kids properly. “In America right now, they don’t have a voice.”

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