UK: Eastern European Influx Triggers Immigrant Baby Boom
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Writing last year on the massive influx of Eastern Europeans to Britain following the 2004 European Union enlargements, I observed:

Open borders enthusiasts have been quick to point out the story’s bright side. The vast majority of the new arrivals are young, few bring children or elderly relatives with them, and a remarkable 97 percent are employed full-time. The Slavic invasion of Britain, they conclude, has been a smashing success.

Increasingly, however, it appears that the newcomers have come to stay, with "a massive rise in pregnancies and abortion requests" [Immigrant Pregnancies Stretch NHS, March 26, 2007] an unintended consequence in some areas.

UK Commentators' Laban Tall has more on the story. One reader of his blog had this to say about immigration-driven anomie in contemporary Britain:

"... underneath many people are unhappy with what's developing. Without any seeming alternative they just quietly leave. I know many people of Afro-Caribbean descent, many of whom I like a lot, but sadly, on balance, I've come to the conclusion I'd rather live in a more English setting. It's not just British culture that's affected. The days of the blues parties and sound system clashes are pretty much over. It's just too dangerous. I'm not overly taken by Indian culture either. I have 4, living in a tiny one bedroom flat above me, and I appear to have absolutely zero in common with them. They talk in their own language amongst themselves and mostly listen to Indian music and radio. My culture is slowly falling away in so many subtle ways. It is't only immigration Labour has got wrong. For me, in some ways quite worse, is the state of Education. That seemed to be the tipping point for most of my friends with families who've left."

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