Uh, I Think Trump Was Making a Joke About Hillary's Emails ...
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The NYT is in a tizzy:

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Here’s the video:

There’s a massive pattern of the press taking Trump’s statements out of context, going back to the Mexican=rapists media folk tale about his campaign announcement speech.

By the way, I’ve been pointing out for a long time that if you are looking for the foreign political leader whom Trump most seeks to emulate, it’s likely not Putin, Mussolini or Hitler, it’s the guy he made a campaign commercial for:

But the idea that the New Yorker Trump has followed Netanyahu’s massively publicized career and wishes to emulate it in an American context is apparently too mindblowing for the press to deal with. Where do the really important issues — like the six-pointed star tweet — fit into this? How can Trump be the New Hitler if he’s (obviously) pro-Semitic? Trump’s concept that if nationalism is good for the Jews it’s good for the Americans too is far too alien for the media mind to contemplate.

On a another topic, I’d hardly be surprised if the Russian government had some kind of role in publishing the DNC emails. It’s kind of a tradition in Russian history to publish to the world foreign leaders’ secret documents. One of the first things Lenin and Trotsky did when the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917 was to publish the Czarist government’s secret diplomatic files, which caused much embarrassment to Russia’s ex-allies, France and Britain, when their plans for divvying up the spoils of war were revealed. I don’t have any proof who was behind recent releases of phone calls by American diplomat Victoria Nuland on Ukraine and Anne Applebaum’s husband, the then foreign minister of Poland, but they would fit within this tradition.

No doubt the Russians also have a more common tradition of keeping the results of espionage secret for blackmail, building atomic bombs, and other nefarious purposes, but the Russian government is rare among governments in having a tradition of posting stolen materials to the world.

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