U. Penn. Announces "Sanctions" Against Truth-Teller Amy Wax
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VDARE.com has closely followed the career of dissident law professor Amy Wax, who has been in trouble with her administrators at the University of Pennsylvania ever since, in August 2017, she co-wrote an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer arguing for bourgeois values.

Professor Wax has tenure so U. Penn. can’t just fire her, although they’d dearly like to. They can, however, make her life a misery, and they’ve been doing that with gusto.

It’s just been made public that a board of U. Penn. faculty members decided last June on a package of sanctions against Prof. Wax. The President of U. Penn. signed off on the sanctions in August. They include:

  • a one-year suspension at half pay with benefits intact
  • a public reprimand issued by university leadership
  • the loss of her named chair and summer pay, and
  • a requirement to note in her public appearances that she is not speaking for or as a member of the University or its law school.

However, Prof. Wax filed an appeal against the ruling.

So these sanctions can’t be applied until there’s been a ruling on the appeal by U. Penn.’s Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility.

For all I know there may be another level of appeal above that, and so ad infinitum. The lady is a law professor, after all. This show could run and run until Prof. Wax reaches retirement age.

Whatever. I offer Prof. Wax my heartfelt good wishes, and the fortitude to see through to the end this battle against ignorance, stupidity, dishonesty, cowardice, small-minded conformism, and administrative butt-covering.

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