U.K. DAILY TELEGRAPH Uses, Without Attribution, Sam Francis’ ‘Anarcho-Tyranny—But We’ll Take It!
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In what could be a first, the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph deploys the term “anarcho-tyranny” in a headline atop an article decrying Ireland’s response to the stabbing of Irish children by an Algerian immigrant.

Ireland has descended into anarcho-tyranny, and we’re following suit, by Louise Perry, December 2, 2023

Yes, proposing, outrageous “hate speech” laws (to be used against whites, no doubt) in response to immigrant mayhem is a perfect example.

Sam Francis doesn’t get a mention, but we’re going to excuse that for now.

New York magazine credits him [‘Anarcho-Tyranny’ Is Just a Rationalization for Right-Wing Lawlessness, by Ed Kilgore, July 7, 2023], though by way of disparaging him, naturally.

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