Two Credos: The University and the Antiversity
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Richard Herrnstein, a great psychologist and a great man, once summed up both the rationale for, and duty both of tenure and of the university, simply as:

You have to tell the truth.

Under multiculturalism, the rationale for, and duty both of tenure and of the antiversity, can be summed up simply as:

You have to lie.

(For an introduction to the world of academic hoaxes, hit the following links for material exposing, respectively:

Academic fraud Ward Churchill; social psychologist Kenneth Clark’s perjured Supreme Court testimony and doll study hoax; John Boswell’s (no, not that Boswell!) Medieval same-sex marriage hoax; Michael Bellesiles’ early American gun-owner hoax; sundry feminist hoaxes; Stephen Jay Gould’s intelligence testing hoax; black supremacists’ Out-of-Africa Hoax; the ”Ebonics” Hoax; the Sally Hemings Hoax; test-basher fallacies; ”stereotype threat” (here and here ); Climategate; and the foundation hoax of ”disparate impact.”)

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