Twenty-Three Words: The Simplest, Most Succinct Argument I’ve Ever Seen Against Mass, Third-World Immigration
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When too many come here from there, then soon, here becomes there. No one here wants to live there, except those from there.


[Comment, in response to “What If Rich Countries Shut the Door on Immigration?,” interview with tenured, brain-dead, Open Borders Lobby zealot, Ian Goldin, Time, September 20, 2012.]

In case my legions of brain-dead, Open Borders Lobby zealot readers may complain that I was intemperate in my description of Ian Goldin: You should see what I wanted to write!

P.S. (9: 42 a.m.)When  I was a foster-care caseworker 20 years ago, I heard a shorter, more specific argument against New Yorkers migrating to the (black) boondocks, given by a cute, young, black caseworker colleague named Cheryl. Cheryl lived and worked in Brooklyn, but had roots in Savannah, Georgia, where she vacationed every year. Of blacks New Yorkers who were migrating to places like Savannah, she complained, 

They bring they New York problems with them.

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