Turks and Kurds Battle in Paris
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When a nation welcomes millions of immigrants from a hugely alien, historically hostile culture who stubbornly resist assimilation, bad things happen.

One recent example was Sunday’s pitched battle on the streets of Paris between hundreds of Turks and Kurds, in which one person reportedly died and a dozen were injured. Riot police had to use tear gas to take back the streets for the French.

I could find no mention of whether the people of France celebrated the diversity of foreigners battling their internal political wars in Paris, although the video below shows non-Middle-Eastern persons avoiding the violence.

Alleged PKK sympathizers clash with Turkish protesters in Paris, Hurriyet Daily News, October 31, 2011

Fifteen people were wounded yesterday when a group of alleged Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) supporters attacked Turkish anti-terror demonstrators in Paris.

Turkish citizens had gathered in Bastille Square in Paris in the late afternoon to protest the recent terrorist attacks when alleged PKK supporters attacked them with sticks and stones.

Fifteen people were wounded, and one remains in critical condition.

The protesters refused to leave after the attacks and continued their demonstrations. The French police force then reportedly surrounded the group and used tear gas to contain them.

Anti-terror protests by Turkish citizens in other countries have been going on for some time. A recent protest took place in Holland, where the protests took place peacefully, excluding a minor discrepancy that was quickly resolved by the involvement of Turkish authorities.

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