Tucker Carlson Debates San Francisco Liberal Ethan Bearman, Who Thinks California Is NOT Turning Into The Third World
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On Friday, Tucker Carlson expanded upon a recent report from US New & World Report that California now ranked dead last for quality of life.

The San Francisco Chronicle reacted in shrieks of alarm at the criticism heaped upon the Golden State:

Tucker Carlson suggests California is turning into a third world country because of poor Latin American immigrants, March 3, 2018

Primetime Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson used a segment during his show Friday night to focus on a recent report that rated California last in terms of quality of life among the 50 US states.

“How do you take a place that was as world famous as Eden and in 50 years, make it the worst place in America?” Carlson asked his guest, radio talk show host Ethan Bearman.

When Bearman suggested that overpopulation might be one of the reasons for California’s poor quality of life, Carlson interjected.

“Hold on, where do the majority in the past 30 years — where do the majority of those people come from?” he asked. “Do they come from the Midwest? No, they came from a third world country. Do you think that might have something to do with it?” . . .

Tucker also analyzed some cause and effect: “If you import millions of really poor people with no education . . . maybe your state gets a lot more like the countries they left.”

Doesn’t that make sense? A country is made up of its people, and California’s population is 27 percent foreign born — that’s 10.7 million — the highest proportion in the nation.

That symptom is visible where Mexican barrios have grown enormously in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and Spanish becomes a necessary language to function in those areas.

Arguably the worst social breakdown on view is the drugs on the streets, where people shoot heroin in public. Tucker showed a photo sent to him of a sidewalk near his San Francisco office:

A Bloomberg article from a year ago reported that “As much as 94 percent of the heroin entering America comes from Mexico,” so the Mexican influence is inflicted in a way which Carlson did not mention specifically.

Anyway, here’s the video of the debate between Tucker Carlson and Ethan Bearman about California dystopia:

Spare audio:


Finally, the Chron itself reported on the liberal city’s failure in governance with an embarrassing front page article on January 31: SF tourist industry struggles to explain street misery to horrified visitors:

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