Trump Vs. Hillary On Immigration: The Question Is "Whose Side Are You On?"
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Commenter “Tim Howells” writes:

I loved the speech. It was the first Trump speech that both the fire and spontaneity of the stadium stump speeches and the focus and brilliance of the policy speeches. This was one for the ages. Taken together with the triumphant diplomatic trip to Mexico, this is the most astounding political coup I can remember. The lead up with the “to be determined” waffling was brilliant as well. The idiot press took the bait hook line and sinker, and now are stuck with having given huge exposure to this particular speech. I’m really looking forwards to watching them squirm. Ending it with the families of the victims was absolutely the right move.
Immigration policy is about the fundamental question of politics: Whose side are you on?

Trump Goes to Mexico was brilliant because it made clear that he was totally cool with the President of Mexico putting Mexico First. After all, that’s the President of Mexico’s job. People are better off when political leaders look out for the voters who put them into office.

Hillary says Trump wants to reduce immigration because he’s Ravaged by Hate, while (like Jeb) She Loves Mexicans. But Trump replies that he wants to reduce immigration because as President of the United States, putting America First would be his job.

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