True Diversity
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Snapperhead Soup comments:
Why is it that elite whites get to mix with the better kind of blacks like Obama who won't rob them or beat them up whereas poor whites must mix with the likes of Mike Tyson-types (via section 8 and etc)? ... 
As for elite whites, I say let's expose them to non-elite run-of-the-mill blacks. And let's see how long they remain 'progressive' and pro-'diversity'. ... 
And if we want non-elite whites to have a favorable view of blacks, I have a better idea. I say let's expose non-elite whites to elite blacks( who don't commit crime). That way, non-elite whites will have a more favorable view of blacks. 
I think this is an excellent idea. The Obamas should participate in an educational reality TV show in which various meathead white reality stars such as The Situation, Honey Boo Boo and others of that ilk, spend a month each as house guests of the Obamas in the White House.
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