Treason Tactic: Harass a Legislator's Neighbors
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Virginia is a state hit particularly hard by the immivasion.  In my few years living in Fairfax, just outside D.C., I recall driving along the Little River Turnpike through Arlington and seeing hordes of milling Hispanic men—obvious illegal immigrants trying to pick up day labor.  They'd trample the grass between sidewalks and streets, turning it into Third World dirt-packs.
That's to say nothing of the destruction of D.C.'s Maryland suburbs, where it's even worse.
Now comes news that the left is launching attacks on even modest legislative reform by sending goons out to harass legislators' neighbors with accusations of racism.
Dave Albo (R-Springfield) got more than he expected after introducing four immigration-related bills during the current General Assembly session.

On Tuesday, the Virginia New Majority, an Alexandria-based political action group, targeted Albo’s immigrant neighbors, going door-to-door asking them to pressure Albo into dropping the bills.

"Several of Del. Albo's neighbors were shocked to learn what Del. Albo is up to in Richmond," said Sara Wallace-Keeshen [Message her on Twitter] of VNM. "Neighbors called him and asked to drop his anti-immigrant laws. Del. Albo is creating race warfare against Virginians of color, and pitting some Virginians against others."
Immigrant rights activists target delegate’s neighbors  | Virginia New Majority claims Albo-sponsored bills creating ‘race warfare’, by Gregg MacDonald, Fairfax Times, February 10, 2012
I trust that the "Virginia New Majority" (love the name) will say that its efforts against Delegate Dave Albo are merely "educational."  But the real purpose is obvious:  terrorize legislators who support immigration reform into dropping their efforts, or doing nothing to begin with. 
The reporter for the Fairfax Times wrote from his comfy cubicle, not bothering to interview any of these neighbors ("immigrant" or otherwise), but I'd love to know the result if he had.  Are they as "shocked" as the loon-ball lefties of the "Virginia New Majority" claim?  Why take the word of this group?
The group's chairman, Juan Marcos Vilar, is affiliated with the SEIU, so the aggressive tactics shouldn't come as a surprise.  Patriotic legislators should take note.
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