Transgender Travesty In Australia: The Crossbow And The Real Girl
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We live in a victimocracy in which state and society side with the presumed victims. But at least some classes of official victims, such as many transgenders, are nasty bullies. From the Melbourne Age:

Woman overturns will to force parents to pay for reassignment surgery

By David Estcourt
August 8, 2020 — 11.30pm

A trans woman who waged a decades-long battle with her conservative Jewish Orthodox parents to compel them to pay for her gender reassignment surgery has won a multimillion-dollar payout from her deceased father’s estate.

Jessica Joss was awarded $3.225 million by Victorian Supreme Court judge Elizabeth Hollingworth despite not being a named beneficiary in her father’s will and a foiled plot by Ms Joss to kill her father with a crossbow during a bar mitzvah celebration at her parents’ synagogue.

What kind of real girl isn’t obsessed with crossbows?

Her father, Peter Solly Joss, a Czechoslovakian Holocaust survivor and prominent Melbourne industrialist and property developer who died in 2017, had financially supported Ms Joss for most of her life but refused to pay for her gender reassignment surgery.

After a series of disputes that took place over several decades and spanned several continents, their relationship finally deteriorated in August 1999, when Ms Joss devised a plan to kill her father with a crossbow at a bar mitzvah.

It came after Ms Joss’ return from Tajikistan, where she had failed in an attempt to join the Northern Alliance in the fight against the Taliban

What kind of real girl doesn’t want to enlist in some random Central Asian war?

and a purported offer to work for the Iranian government’s foreign affairs department.

In her judgment, Justice Hollingworth found it was her father’s ongoing financial support of Ms Joss, 60, that meant he had a “moral obligation” to make allowances for her under his estate even though she was not a named beneficiary in his will.

“Notwithstanding Jessica’s behaviour, including her plans to kill him, Peter continued to support her financially. The weekly allowance that he provided from 1999 onwards was generous enough that she did not need to go and look for work,” Justice Hollingworth said.

“By continuing to support Jessica for all those years, Peter allowed her to become financially dependent on him, and to lose much, if not all, of her capacity for employment,” she said.

Justice Hollingworth also made specific provision in her judgment that the estate will provide $100,000 for Ms Joss’ gender reassignment surgery, the procedure her father had refused to fund his entire life. She also pointed out that some of Ms Joss’ behaviour seemed to be motivated by, or at least indifferent to, the hurt it caused her parents.

“She wanted to embarrass her family, publicly and privately, to punish them for not accepting that she was transgender,” Justice Hollingworth said. “She said in evidence that it was not her obligation to pay for her own surgery. This belief that her parents must pay for her surgery has become the obsession of her life for the past two decades,” she said. …

So the law will force the estate to pay because Joss is an official Victim.

At 30, she moved to the US and attempted to join the marines, but was unable to complete basic training due to a back injury.

What kind of Australian real girl doesn’t want to join the Marines?

She married and subsequently divorced a woman who was not Jewish. On both occasions her parents paid for many of her expenses and flew her home. By 1999, aged 40, Ms Joss had grown unhappy with her life.

The court heard that on one occasion, Ms Joss went to her parent’s Orthodox synagogue on a Saturday morning, stood up, and told the congregation that she was transgender. …

On August 13, 1999, Ms Joss’s neighbour called her mother, Judith, to warn her that Jessica was planning on killing Peter with a crossbow the next day. Peter and Judith contacted a lawyer friend, and their family doctor, before calling the police.

The police went to Jessica’s flat, where they arrested her and seized a crossbow. No charges were laid, because Peter asked the police not to. …

In Nature Communications, Simon Baron Cohen, inventor of the “extreme male brain” theory of autism, has a study out claiming high correlation between autism and transgenderism:

Elevated rates of autism, other neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diagnoses, and autistic traits in transgender and gender-diverse individuals

Published: 07 August 2020

Varun Warrier, David M. Greenberg, Elizabeth Weir, Clara Buckingham, Paula Smith, Meng-Chuan Lai, Carrie Allison & Simon Baron-Cohen

It is unclear whether transgender and gender-diverse individuals have elevated rates of autism diagnosis or traits related to autism compared to cisgender individuals in large non-clinic-based cohorts. To investigate this, we use five independently recruited cross-sectional datasets consisting of 641,860 individuals who completed information on gender, neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diagnoses including autism, and measures of traits related to autism (self-report measures of autistic traits, empathy, systemizing, and sensory sensitivity). Compared to cisgender individuals, transgender and gender-diverse individuals have, on average, higher rates of autism, other neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diagnoses. For both autistic and non-autistic individuals, transgender and gender-diverse individuals score, on average, higher on self-report measures of autistic traits, systemizing, and sensory sensitivity, and, on average, lower on self-report measures of empathy. The results may have clinical implications for improving access to mental health care and tailoring adequate support for transgender and gender-diverse individuals.

Unfortunately, the article is fairly incomprehensible. The authors appear worried they’ll get canceled if they explain whether they are talking about men or women. Also, the word “autism” has such a broad meaning these days, from retarded to billionaire tech mogul.

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