Toulouse Massacre Opportunism: Right Escaped? Then Attack Website Users!
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President Sarkozy: Get their websites!

Because of the inconvenient detail of the Toulouse mass killer being a Muslim of Algerian extraction, the Right has for the moment escaped the role of primary political victim for which the MSM was busily casting it – as I noted yesterday and Pat Buchanan discussed today.

But the Forces of Evil have immediately produced an understudy – websites. AP reports

PARIS (AP) — France's president proposed a sweeping new law Thursday that would see repeat visitors to extremist web sites put behind bars — one of several tough measures floated in the wake of a murderous shooting spree…

"Anyone who regularly consults Internet sites which promote terror or hatred or violence will be sentenced to prison," he told a campaign rally in Strasbourg, in eastern France. "Don't tell me it's not possible.

Sarkozy: Jail those who browse terror websites By Ralph Satter March 22, 2012

This is a calculated move, not an off the cuff reaction. France already has laws against repeatedly visiting child porn sites and and also against questioning the orthodox account of the Holocaust, armed with savage penalties.

And the briefings are underway: the last minute of the video embedded in France standoff with gunman reaches deadly end March 22 2012 is an orchestrated commentary by Toulouse correspondent Elizabeth Palmer alleging Mohamed Merah was stimulated to violence by “Jihadi websites”.

That Sarkozy should not respect even France’s imperfect tradition of political freedom is hardly surprising. Both his paternal grandparents were Hungarians and his very influential maternal grandfather was actually born in the Ottoman Empire – neither fruitful gardens of tolerance. You might call him a NeoFrenchman

Furthermore his primary political problem is to avoid losing votes to Marine Le Pen’s Front National, which for the usual reasons of repression can be presumed to need the internet more than other parties.

(Marine Le Pen had a far more sensible response to the massacre today: Radical Islamists taking over French suburbs, Le Pen says By Brian Love Reuters Thu Mar 22, 2012)

Americans would be foolish to presume this response will never cross the Pond. Today the City Council of Los Angeles disgraced itself: City Council OKs Resolution Urging Media To Curb ‘Racist, Sexist Slurs’ CBS Los Angeles March 22, 2012. The MNSBC Commissar explicitly said when firing Pat Buchanan that his ideas were not “really appropriate for national dialogue”.  Repressive regulations can metastasize as poor Dharun Ravi has just discovered.

To the Obamacrats, voting Republican should be a Hate Crime

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