Tom Tancredo on the Treason Lobby's Drive to Lynch Phil Kent
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We asked the other day Is Phil Kent's only defender? Former Congressman Tom Tancredo has a fine column, When every activist's a "hater", on World Net Daily:

"When Nathan Deal ran for governor of Georgia in 2010, he made cracking down on illegal immigration central to his platform. Deal was in a distant third in the Republican primaries when Arizona passed SB 1070. Deal was the first candidate to state his support for Arizona's law, and with a solid secure-the-borders record in Congress, he was believable.

"After he endorsed SB 1070, I endorsed Deal, as did a number of other leaders in the immigration-control movement, and many observers credited his stance on immigration for his victory. Georgia voters should therefore expect him to appoint people such as longtime immigration-control activist Phil Kent to his commission on the new Georgia immigration law. "

(Links added). Of the Treason Lobby's attempt to lynch Kent, Tancredo writes, entirely accurately:

"This issue goes far beyond Phil Kent and Gov. Deal's commission. The SPLC and other groups like the National Council of La Raza, America's Voice and Media Matters have engaged in smear campaigns trying to completely shut out mainstream immigration-control organizations and activists from the media and political discourse."

No word, as far as I can see, from National Review.

I also liked Tancredo's recent column on one of my favorites subjects, the neglected impeachment power.

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