To The Surprise Of Nobody
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In local police blotter news on Saturday, a man walked into the usually "oddly empty" restaurant in a nice part of the southeast San Fernando Valley and shot six people, four of whom have died so far. I tried to drive by last night and the cops had four square blocks barricaded off.

To the surprise of nobody, it was announced today that all the dead men's names end in -ian or -yan. From the LA Daily News:

An official with the Los Angeles County Coroner's office said Sarkis Karadjian, 26, of Sherman Oaks, Hayk Yegnanyan, 25, of Glendale, and Harut Baburyan, 28, whose address was unknown all died as a result of injuries sustained after the shooting Saturday at the Hot Spot Cafe on Riverside Drive. Vardan Tofalyan, 31, was later identified by police. Police said at least one gunman shot at the six men inside the Hot Spot Cafe in the 11600 block of Riverside Drive. The cafe bills itself as a Mediterranean restaurant but neighbors described it Saturday after the shooting as often oddly empty. ... The main suspect was described only as a white male, possibly Armenian, around 30 years old.

There's no mention of whether the gunman took the cannoli.

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