To Improve D.C.`s schools - Fire Black Teachers, hire H-1B Asians.
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Last month Rob Sanchez reported on the scandalous practice, recently exemplified in Louisiana, of local school districts firing older and therefore more expensive American teachers and replacing them with younger immigrants brought in via the H-1B conduit.

He particularly excoriated the supine attitude of the Teacher Unions, perfectly happy to let their members suffer, provided the immigrants obediently join up. This politically correct and ruthlessly predatory attitude on the part of the Union leaderships is no surprise to anyone who has read Peter Brimelow’s book on the subject.

Now an even more classic case has surfaced in Washington DC

Barbara Hollingsworth: Importing teachers in the District of Columbia November 10, 2009

District of Columbia Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is in hot water for firing 266 teachers and administrators Oct. 2, just weeks into the new school year and only a few months after inexplicably hiring hundreds of new teachers. But there may have been a method to her apparent madness.

According to the federal government's Foreign Labor Certification Data Center, D.C. Public Schools submitted 46 labor condition applications in 2007 and 2008, giving Rhee authority to import hundreds of foreign teachers on H1B visas without having to make any attempt to find eligible Americans.

Hollingsworth, who quotes from Sanchez’ article without acknowledging us (life’s like that at the top of the food chain) puts the matter well:

Since visa holders can easily be coerced into joining the union and forced to do whatever the union bosses demand, union officials didn't bother to protect the 20,000 or so American educators who lost their teaching jobs to foreign competitors — many of whom they were forced to train.

However, her solution

What urban school districts really need are right-to-work laws that empower school administrators to hire professional Americans with college degrees in needed core subject areas who are willing to give teaching a chance...

misses the point. So long as unscrupulous employers can use H-1B to drive down entry level salaries, that is what they will do.

The DC case is classic, though, in another sense. Michelle Rhee, the DC Schools Chancellor, is of course Korean — the daughter of immigrants. It is a safe bet that if ”hundreds of foreign teachers” are indeed imported most will be Asian — that has been the norm so far.

So, like the DC Technology Office scandal, this is another case of enterprising Asians looking after their communities at the expense of Washington’s blacks — whose political leaders are too dim or too feckless to protect them


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