Times Changing In The Grass Roots!
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The Associated Press has an informative story today on efforts by local jurisdictions to stem the influx of illegals, pegged on Suffolk County NY's adoption yesterday of an employer sanctions bill. (N.Y. County Targets Illegal Immigration - By Frank Eltman September 20 2003.)
Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy was the leading proponent of the bill and called it a vital tool in helping crack down on unlawful immigration. "The thing that feeds illegal immigration is the hiring," Levy said in an interview with The Associated Press. "If you dry up the jobs, you dry up the flow of illegal immigration."
Interestingly, too, this was picked up by the ever—alert Drudge Report, which seems to have decided the issue is of interest to its readers. Since this site's great competitive strength is its superlative news judgment, this is encouraging.

Considering the plutocratic Hamptons summer community is certain to be a massive employer of illegal domestic labor, this is a remarkable development.

And it is particularly sweet for VDARE.com. Our Why VDARE piece written when the site started, ended by noting a particularly outrageous stratagem by the Abolish America faction in Suffolk County seven years ago:

VDARE has come into existence because many great and developing issues of the day are no longer covered in the Establishment Media—whether liberal or "conservative."

However, you can sometimes see them naively reported in the local press. Thus Long Island's Southampton Press (Donna Giacontieri, Is Town Seal Offensive? September 24, 1999) has carried a story about a local version of the Virginia Dare phenomenon: the local "Anti-Bias Task Force" called on the town to abolish its seal, which depicts a Pilgrim and the words "First English settlement in the State of New York."

The grounds: it "features an offensive representation of one gender, one race and one historical period . . ."

"One historical period . . ."?

Yeah. It's called America

Happily Southampton's seal remains the same.

But America's grassroots are changing as we hoped.

Applaud Steve Levy

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