Tim Wood : An immigrant doing a dirty job
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Since arriving in America in 2000 as a winner in a Green Card Lottery, South African Tim Wood has established himself as amongst the best journalists covering the global metals and mining field. Resource Investor, of which he is the founding editor, is obligatory reading for those like myself involved in the area.

Somewhere along the way, Tim picked up an acute comprehension of the dynamics of America's immigration disaster. He is also unassimilated enough to express it out loud. In late May he interjected into a debate in which he was participating, about the possibility the gold market is managed, the totally accurate statement

There is concerted effort led from all branches of government to ensure that wage prices at the lower end of the market do not rise and they do that by allowing the importation of vast quantities of illegal immigrants who suppress what would otherwise be a market price.

Now I see that last Thursday he put up on the blog associated with his site, normally entirely concerned with natural resource issues, Incentivising illegal immigration to the US. This deals with the discovery in Florida that a 27- year Guatemalan illegal immigrant had enrolled himself in a local High School - and the inane comment of local officials that he would have been eligible for adult education courses.

Wood acidly notes

Those who have been through the legal immigration process know that you dare not leave a mark out of place on your application forms, or you're history. But as an illegal, every accommodation will be made for you.

The message is clear. Your best and most convenient shot at residence in the USA is via a border late at night. Once you're in, drivers licence, welfare entitlements, medical insurance, workers comp and more ad infinitum will be secured for you by special interest lobbies tied to politicians courting votes and funds.

Tim Wood - an immigrant doing a dirty job most Americans are not tough enough to face. Congratulate him.

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