Throwing November: GOP Acting Like They WANT To Lose The House
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And tax cuts. From Reuters-Ipsos, the issue registered Democrats and Republicans identified as the most important one in determining their mid-term congressional votes (N = 26,785): 

The contrast between the priorities of congressional Republican 'leadership' and what their voters care about is why the GOP is called the Stupid Party. That's unfair to people like Paul Ryan, though, who are doing exactly what their paymasters want them to do. The stupid slur may be more aptly applied to Republican voters. They voted for a Muslim ban and a wall and all they got were these lousy corporate tax cuts, after all.

The mid-terms are largely about motivating the base to turn out, so it could be plausibly argued that's why Republican congressional leadership is trying to throw the House to Democrats avoid the National Question. After all, Democrats are fired up about it, too. Right?
No, not really, as the graph above illustrates. nails it by asserting that they want to lose.

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