Three Texas Guardsmen Arrested for Alien Smuggling
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As a soldier in the Texas Army National Guard myself, it's no honor to learn that three of my fellow Texas Guardsmen (not of my unit, however) have been arrested for running an illegal alien smuggling ring.

The three guardsmen: Private First Class Jose Rodrigo Torres, Sergeant Julio Cesar Pacheco, and Sergeant Clarence Hodge, Jr., were all serving in Operation Jumpstart, the National Guard border deployment.

Even worse, the ring was using the Guard as a cover for the smuggling operation.

Torres was apprehended, in uniform, driving a van up Interstate 35. The van was rented by the National Guard, and Torres had 24 illegal aliens inside, taking them to San Antonio.

And when Torres had passed through a checkpoint, Hodge was working on that checkpoint and waved him through.

Pacheco was apparently the ringleader, and had been recruiting soldiers to participate in alien smuggling. So it's likely that there were more Guardsmen than these three involved.

Read about it here .

What a shame.

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