"Those Silent Photos Telling The Truth That Is Never Breathed In Public In Contemporary America"
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Under the heading White female prosecutor and her brother stabbed and beaten almost to death by her black ex-boyfriend, who is also a lawyer, Lawrence Auster writes

Of course, the article, from Cincinnati.com, doesn't say anything about race. It just shows us the photos of the accused and his female victim, those silent photos telling the truth that is never breathed in public in contemporary America. For every hundred news stories involving black on white violence, maybe one mentions the race of the victims and perpetrators.
And the motive for the attack? According to officials, the defendant, James Terry, was "unable to cope with his recent breakup with Kelly O'Keefe." This is the genesis of untold male on female violence, among all races. (Which, as I've pointed out, is one of the reasons for the institution of marriage.) But such violence, as we see in one news story after another, is much more likely when a white woman gets involved with a black man and then rejects him. MORE

Of which the most famous case on record is Nicole Brown Simpson, estranged ex-wife of O. J. Simpson, who killed her.

The photos above are left, the accused, and right, the victim, as she looked before the attack. And Auster is right about the photos—in black on white violence, you will never see a headline that says "Black Man Stabs White Woman", but you will see photographs.

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