Thomas Jefferson High School In VA: Whites Use George Floyd To Combat Asian Supremacy In STEM
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Much like Stuyvesant High School in NYC, Thomas Jefferson STEM HS in the DC suburbs of Virginia has test only admissions and its student body is 73% Asian and only 17% white.

Whites are using the Summer of George to deal with the rising tide of Asian Supremacy.

From the Washingtonian:

Thomas Jefferson High School Could Switch to a “Merit Lottery” for Admission
A proposal aims to diversify the elite STEM school by eliminating the admissions test and $100 application fee.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology needs to change its admissions policy, according to Fairfax County Public Schools superintendent Scott Brabrand. In a proposal he submitted to the county school board on Tuesday, Brabrand shared a vision for a transformed admissions process that he hopes will increase diversity at the competitive high school. The new system would eliminate the admissions test and $100 application fee and introduce a “merit lottery” process.

This proposal comes after a recent outcry from alumni about the demographic breakdown of students in the incoming freshman class of 2024. Fewer than ten Black students were offered admission, a number so low that it wasn’t included in the FCPS news release reporting class statistics.

One thing to keep in mind: as with Stuyvesant, if you are black and smart enough to get into Thomas Jefferson, you will probably be offered a scholarship to go to St. Alban’s or Sidwell Friends with the children and grandchildren of the national super-elite. Why would you instead want to go to Thomas Jefferson and make friends with Asian grinds when you can get to know the scions of Senators?

Like many years before, the majority admitted this year are Asian students, who make up 73 percent of the incoming class.

TJ is consistently ranked as a top school in the country and the competition is brutal: This year, the admissions rate was about 19 percent. Parents bend over backwards for their child’s potential admission, moving families across the state to fulfill residency requirements and enrolling their kids in after-school programs to prepare them for the TJ admissions test (with “some starting as early as third grade,” Washingtonian reported in 2017). But this process tends to benefit privileged families in the area, creating a homogenous student population that doesn’t come close to fairly representing the six diverse districts in Northern Virginia that the school serves.

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