This Weekend's Radio Derb: Biden v. Ryan, Etc.
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This weekend's Radio Derb is up and running on Taki's Magazine and iTunes.

In segment 6 I pass comments on last Thursday's Vice Presidential debate:

Another week, another debate, this time the Vice-Presidential candidates.

A few weeks ago Radio Derb remarked that this one should be a lot of fun, with flabby gasbag and foot-chomper Joe Biden up against lean, wiry, scrappy, wonked-up-to-the-nose-holes Paul Ryan. A number of people cautioned me on that prognostication. Biden is not as dumb as he looks, they said — a notion I'm receptive to. How could he be as dumb as he looks?

My friends' cautions got me thinking, though. What they mainly got me thinking about was that great 1960s movie The Cincinnati Kid. Did you see that? Steve McQueen as the up-and-coming young poker player, Edward G. Robinson as the seasoned older player he takes on. The moral of the thing is something along the lines: Age and cunning beat youth and enthusiasm. Punch line, from Edward G. Robinson, quote: "You're good, kid, but as long as I'm around, you're only second best."

So which would it be: Fresh-faced young Cincinnati Ryan skipping circles around a mumbling, disoriented Joe Biden? Or Edward G. Biden turning over the Jack of Diamonds for a straight flush against a stunned, mortified Ryan?

In the event it was neither . . . .

Listen to Radio Derb for the whole . . . deal.

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