This Thanksgiving, I'm Thankful for Robert Jensen's Anti-Thanksgiving "Activism"
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This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for Robert Jensen.

His Nazi-loaded Thanksgiving denunciations are becoming as regular as the drive to the in-laws:

No Thanks for Thanksgiving

Instead, we should atone for the genocide that was incited — and condoned — by the very men we idolize as our 'heroic' founding fathers. November 21, 2012 

Here he is in 2007, reprising 2005

Fowl Play

After years of being constantly annoyed and often angry about the historical denial built into Thanksgiving Day, I published an essay in November 2005 suggesting we replace the feasting with fasting and create a National Day of Atonement to acknowledge …

By ,, November 19, 2007

I'm thankful because I get to switch roles.  Instead of playing a frustrated, marginal white advocacy commentator railing against a Big Dumb World, I get to play a mocking-toned, cozy-in-power point-and-laugher, cracking jokes about how insane he is to think that Americans are ever going to abandon Thanksgiving in favor of a National Day of White Self-Hatred.

Hey, Robert, here's a tip:  most Americans aren't thinking about either white supremacy or white sins — they're thinking about a day off and food-coma football.  When a holiday has enough virtues to carry on unmoored from original principles or historical context, it's going to do just that.

What's this left-wing grumpy pants actually do on Thanksgiving, anyway?  Seven years ago, he resolved a Gandhi-cum-Thoreau approach, where he'd decline dinner invitations and wander in the woods by himself to ponder the sinfulness of the white race.

He conceived of a protest gathering, hoping to "find others who are interested in such an event locally."

I'd love to know if it's gotten off the ground.

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