This Is What Amnesty Brings Us: A Family Of Mexican Criminals
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A family of Mexican criminals.  The famous Mexican scammer, the Wendy's Chili Lady, Anna Ayala, is going back to prison.  
SFGate June 5, 2013 by Henry Lee
Chili Finger Scammer Headed Back To Prison
A woman who made international headlines when she lied about finding a severed finger in a bowl of chili at a Wendy's restaurant in San Jose is expected to return to prison for concocting another tale - that someone had shot her son, a prosecutor said Wednesday. 
Ayala is clearly an immigrant, as her son does not have an American first name and does not share her last name, in the Mexican fashion
Anna Ayala, 47, and her son, Guadalupe Reyes, 26, who live separately in San Jose, allegedly hatched a plan last year to blame an innocent man for shooting Reyes in his left ankle, when in fact Reyes had accidentally shot himself.
Of course, Reyes is a long time criminal as well.  And apparently not too bright.
Reyes lied because he is a convicted burglar who is not supposed to have a gun, investigators said, and Ayala backed him up.
This week, Ayala pleaded no contest to being an accessory, falsely reporting a crime and being a felon with a gun. Her son pleaded no contest to two weapons-related charges and to falsely reporting a crime.
This is what Marco Rubio wants to amnesty.  Do we really need more of these people?
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