This Is Stupid—Kathleen Parker Thinks Alexander Hamilton Was An Illegal
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This is stupid—discussing an illegal college student, the pseudo-conservative Kathleen Parker says she thinks of Alexander Hamilton as an illegal immigrant:

PARKER: But, you know, Eliot, let's remember, too- a lot of Americans did come through the back door-


PARKER: Such as Alexander Hamilton.


PARKER: He got off the boat from the West Indies, and all he did was write the Constitution and become the first Secretary of the Treasury- and, of course, what about the 'Terminator'?[Via Newsbusters]


Hamilton was illegitimate, but not illegal, since when he came from Nevis where he was born to New Jersey in 1772, he was moving from one part of the British Empire to another.

This bears out something that Lawrence Auster wrote recently about popular ignorance of the history of the American Revolution—people have no idea when it started, why it started, or what came before.

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