Think Of The Children!
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Dave Ralston (email him ), a rogue city councilman in Springfield, Oregon, has been called a racist and a bigot for "anti-immigrant" statements in a email he wrote supporting a crackdown on illegal immigrant activity. (The Sunday Oregonian, Official's immigration views spark a dust-up )

The plan he supports would not only penalize employers and landlords for providing housing and jobs to illegals, and ban day-labor pickup sites, it would also make English the official language of Springfield.

Ralston began by noting that illegals are taking the jobs that "Americans can and will do." He went on:

"I have volumes of documentation on "La Raza", "Mecha" and "The Nation of Atzlan", these people want to take over the "South West of America". They want to invade, and not assimilate. It would be very eye opening to see what these organizations have to say and I will provide information to anyone who is not familiar with these groups."

Since the email, Springfield's Mayor Sid Leiken, (email him , or call the Mayor's office at (541) 726-3702) issued a public apology for Ralston's "negative tone" and emphasized the role of diversity in the city's agenda.

No one is sure of the size of Springfield's Hispanic population, but it appears to be growing rapidly. The 2000 Census put it at 3,600 people, or 6.9 percent of the population. But some say it is likely double or triple that because many illegals do not take part in the Census.

Displaying an enervating sense for cliche, Emilio Hernandez, a Springfield resident and assistant vice provost in the University of Oregon's Office of Institutional Equality and Diversity said, "Ralston has assaulted all of us that have been in the community for a long time...This man needs to apologize to the children for his ignorance and lack of knowledge." You can email Hernandez here .

Oh... and by "children" he must mean "anchor babies".

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