"Think Like a Man"
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Think Like A ManA lot of big laughs in this buppie rom-com based on Steve Harvey's advice book for black women looking to get a man to put a ring on it. It's a box office hit, and deservedly so. Kevin Hart, the 5'-2" stand-up who sounds like a cross between Red Foxx and Chris Tucker, is the stand-out, even though he's often hard to understand, but everybody in the big cast is pretty good. 

The black director and the two white screenwriters seem to be following a growing tendency in screenwriting, as illustrated by very different movies such as Inception and Moneyball: redundancy. Instead of slowing down to emphasize key points so that the audience doesn't get lost, come up with lots of entertaining ways to say the same things over and over with small variations really fast. If viewers get 80% of what's said, that's enough to keep them on track.

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