"They Had Too Much": Brooklyn Butcher Not Just Immigrant But Illegal Alien
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Very unusually, the MSM is now directly confirming our earlier report that yesterday's appalling familicide in New York was a case of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome—even adding the devastating detail that the suspect is an illegal:

They had “too much.”

The maniac who butchered a Brooklyn mom and her four young kids confessed that he did it because he was jealous of their way of life, a police source told The Post on Sunday.

“The family had too much. Their income (and) lifestyle was better than his,” the source said...

Ming Dong Chen, 25, an illegal alien from China, was nabbed as he fled out the front door by two detectives who happened to be investigating a robbery pattern nearby when they heard a radio report about a domestic dispute involving a knife...

The as-yet unidentified suspect is a cousin of the dead woman’s husband and a transient with a Chicago address who arrived at their home about a week ago, police sources said.

Jealous butcher killed mom, 4 kids because they had ‘too much’ By Jamie Schram, Kirstan Conley, Daniel Prendergast and Bruce Golding New York Post, October 27, 2013. Links in original, emphases added.

H/T RC, who notes that the cop in the NY Post picture is also Chinese, perhaps because of the need to communicate in New York's large illegal Chinese neighborhoods.

Of course, the MSM is not asking the two obvious next questions:

  • Does this mean that the victims, or at least the parents, were also illegals?
  • If Mong Dong Chen had this sort of resentment toward his own kin, what does he feel toward the American nation that unwittingly allowed him into its midst?
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