Their Own Pathologies
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his article tonight, Eugene Girin writes
"To be sure, the Muslim societies of North Caucasus and Central Asia are indeed virtually devoid of abortion, substance abuse, elder neglect, out-of-wedlock births, and other social pathologies of Russian and Western societies. "
I thought of throwing in a note saying "They have their own pathologies" but there were already enough notes in that piece, so I'll make it a separate blog item. It's true that they consume a lot less vodka in Muslim societies, through total abstinence.

Possibly they avoid other Russian vices, which if I recall correctly, include chess, ballet, and dancing the kazatzky.

But they do have their own pathologies. I'll direct your attention to two. The first is abuse of women, as mentioned Girin's article, the second involves abuse, I'm not going to tell you, just read the whole thing:

There are worse things than having a couple of extra double vodkas.
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