The Wit And Wisdom Of New York Times Readers: "And Your Point Is What?"
May 02, 2014, 03:50 AM
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As I blogged below, the new David Leonhardt NYT "Upshot" article on how the median income in Canada is higher than in the U.S. doesn`t mention the wildly different demographics that have such a big influence on where the median falls: America is now 30.0% black or Hispanic while Canada is 4.1% black or Hispanic. 

I also posted this data as a comment on the New York Times. Here are the four replies that my comment has received. The first one is good but get a load of the last three (which, unfortunately, are typical these days):

Hal 10034

 New York 3 hours ago

But hasn`t that been true for a long time, whereas it`s news that middle class Canadians are better off. Maybe policies — taxation, labor law, health care, education — have more to do with it. Just because there`s a demographic difference doesn`t mean that race is the cause.



 Florida 2 hours ago

What is your point about demographics?


 toronto 1 hour ago

What are you trying to say?


 Arizona 1 hour ago

And your point is what?