The Wit And Wisdom Of New York Times Readers: "And Your Point Is What?"
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As I blogged below, the new David Leonhardt NYT "Upshot" article on how the median income in Canada is higher than in the U.S. doesn't mention the wildly different demographics that have such a big influence on where the median falls: America is now 30.0% black or Hispanic while Canada is 4.1% black or Hispanic. 

I also posted this data as a comment on the New York Times. Here are the four replies that my comment has received. The first one is good but get a load of the last three (which, unfortunately, are typical these days):

Hal 10034

 New York 3 hours ago

But hasn't that been true for a long time, whereas it's news that middle class Canadians are better off. Maybe policies — taxation, labor law, health care, education — have more to do with it. Just because there's a demographic difference doesn't mean that race is the cause.



 Florida 2 hours ago

What is your point about demographics?


 toronto 1 hour ago

What are you trying to say?


 Arizona 1 hour ago

And your point is what?
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