The Vancouver Riot: Minorities + Mooks
June 16, 2011, 08:04 PM
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Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was sacked by a mob of disgruntled hockey fans last night. I asked our Canadian correspondent Kevin Michael Grace, a BC resident, the question the MSM won’t. His ominous answer:

The riot was an equal-opportunity beano, with one exception. I’d say the rioters were approximately 60% white, 30% Sikh, 10% other minorities. But there were almost no Chinese to be seen.

Mayor Gregor Robertson pronounced himself �disappointed.� The mayhem, he claimed, was the result of the actions of �a small number of people intent on criminal activity.� Vancouver is, after all, he sniffed, �a world-class city.�

Welcome to "World-Class", 2011: multicultural, deracinated, atomized, purged of the �little platoons� that bind societies. Just as in Britain, the only organizing principle is sport. A nation of mooks, ruled by a treasonous elite all too happy to encourage its �citizens� to waste their spirit on bogus tribal loyalties.

All across the English-speaking world, our leaders occupy themselves attempting to quantify such fatuities as �world class,� little knowing or caring that what used to be called the �working class,� having been set adrift in the sea of globalism, now, quite rightly, pays them no loyalty whatsoever.

When the mooks become politicized, all bets are off.