The Vancouver Riot: Minorities + Mooks
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Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was sacked by a mob of disgruntled hockey fans last night. I asked our Canadian correspondent Kevin Michael Grace, a BC resident, the question the MSM won’t. His ominous answer:

The riot was an equal-opportunity beano, with one exception. I’d say the rioters were approximately 60% white, 30% Sikh, 10% other minorities. But there were almost no Chinese to be seen.

Mayor Gregor Robertson pronounced himself ”disappointed.” The mayhem, he claimed, was the result of the actions of ”a small number of people intent on criminal activity.” Vancouver is, after all, he sniffed, ”a world-class city.”

Welcome to "World-Class", 2011: multicultural, deracinated, atomized, purged of the ”little platoons” that bind societies. Just as in Britain, the only organizing principle is sport. A nation of mooks, ruled by a treasonous elite all too happy to encourage its ”citizens” to waste their spirit on bogus tribal loyalties.

All across the English-speaking world, our leaders occupy themselves attempting to quantify such fatuities as ”world class,” little knowing or caring that what used to be called the ”working class,” having been set adrift in the sea of globalism, now, quite rightly, pays them no loyalty whatsoever.

When the mooks become politicized, all bets are off.

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