"The Town" viewed from "The City"
December 29, 2010, 10:57 PM
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My man in Istanbul writes about Ben Affleck`s Boston Irish bankrobber flick:
I watched "The Town." I liked it. A deep, self-destructive voice in me said I wanted to be there, in Boston. I probably wouldn`t amount to much of anything, not even something like those characters, but heck, who gives a ****. I like the Irish. Maybe they`re... Turks of the North, I don`t know.

So they`re "dysfunctional," eh? Good, I like dysfunctional. I grew up in it, it`s my home. The melancholy, the absence of a ridiculous perkiness and an annoying smirk on the face, the quiet fortitude of stoicism... all of them are good. **** optimism.

"Life is innocent and just" said Nietzsche — to invert the ridiculous, phony pessimism of Liberalism which can`t get over thinking that "life is unfair" and that the bloody Gov`ment should do something about it... as if It ever could.

Pain is an extreme form of sensitivity. And Fear — the anticipation of Pain — is Nature`s way of whispering in your ear "Look out, buddy; I`m here. I`m not to be disrespected. Ever." Merry Christmas!