"The Town" viewed from "The City"
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My man in Istanbul writes about Ben Affleck's Boston Irish bankrobber flick:
I watched "The Town." I liked it. A deep, self-destructive voice in me said I wanted to be there, in Boston. I probably wouldn't amount to much of anything, not even something like those characters, but heck, who gives a ****. I like the Irish. Maybe they're... Turks of the North, I don't know.

So they're "dysfunctional," eh? Good, I like dysfunctional. I grew up in it, it's my home. The melancholy, the absence of a ridiculous perkiness and an annoying smirk on the face, the quiet fortitude of stoicism... all of them are good. **** optimism.

"Life is innocent and just" said Nietzsche — to invert the ridiculous, phony pessimism of Liberalism which can't get over thinking that "life is unfair" and that the bloody Gov'ment should do something about it... as if It ever could.

Pain is an extreme form of sensitivity. And Fear — the anticipation of Pain — is Nature's way of whispering in your ear "Look out, buddy; I'm here. I'm not to be disrespected. Ever." Merry Christmas!

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